Fix Worst of PC Problems in Windows OS

Windows OS has features that interfere with your simple functioning of the PC. You can get rid of these with several third party applications. Below given ways on how you can do so:

Make the user account control less irritating

Microsoft’s User Account Control box comes up and questions the user “Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?” constantly. This is basically informing the user when an application is making the administrator level changes to the operating system. This is good for preventing malware. If you are confident enough to disable it then it is not difficult. Open control panel by going to Start > Control Panel or go to the tiled Start screen of Windows 8, type Control Panel and click  it.

Now you go to User Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts > Change User Account Control settings. This brings up new window which allows you to tune as to how often the UAC dialog box would appear. You can even disable it.

windows OS

Get rid of files which refuse to get deleted

There are few files which even selected for deletion refuse to get deleted and it show s that some part of it is being used by the user. You can use Unlocker utility which would help you release control as well as kill the locked files. Now whenever you face such issue just right-click it and choose Unlocker from context menu. If the file has been locked down, Unlocker opens the window which details active process and presents with several options.

However be wary of killing critical processes and deleting files anyway that can cause problems in the PC. Use it to delete locked programs which you can safely get rid of.

Start button to come back

Windows 8 have got rid of the iconic Start button. The Windows 8.1 update has bought it back. However that version of the button would drop you to modern-UI Start screen. If you are not comfortable with tiles then you can use some Start-button replacement programs which would bring it back and restore Windows 7-style functionality.

Disable lock screens and passwords

Lock screens and Passwords look good on portable laptops as well as touch screen tablets, but not on personal desktops. The lock screen has to be released whenever the devices wake up.  Just press Windows-R on the keyboard thereby bringing up the Run command box. Now type gpedit.msc and click OK in order to bring up Local Group Policy Editor.  Go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Personalization which is on the left side of window in the file tree, thereafter double-click ‘Do Not Display the Lock Screen’. Choose the Enabled radio button and click OK.

Password disabling depends on Windows versions.  In Windows 7, launch Control Panel and go to User Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts > remove your password. Enter the current password and click Remove Password.

As far as Windows 8 is concerned, open right-side Charms bar and select Settings > Change PC Settings > Users. Now click Change under the alternative ‘Any user who has a password must enter it when waking this PC’ and click OK in the box that appears.

PC takes long time to boot

As time passes by Windows OS become bogged down with heavy usage. When applications launch themselves in the startup process, the boot time is hit. Just do not allow any useless software from running at startup as it can reduce how long the PC takes to boot up.

In Windows 7 check the programs which boot up in the start. Now press Windows-R, type msconfig and Enter. Click startup tab in the System Configuration window.

In Windows 8 Press Ctrl-Shift-Esc which would bring up the Windows Task Manager and open the Startup tab.

Clean up context menu

In case you have installed several applications then it slows down start up. The PC’s right-click context menu is filled with options. If you use tools like Nirsoft’s excellent ShellExView and ShellMenuView tools it would display all menu items which appear in the context menu that allows you to disable those which are not required.

 Trouble free upgrades

If there are several programs patched then update is necessary as it prevents vulnerabilities in the system. You must seek actively updates for your software or even deal with several automatic-updates thereby jamming up the system resources.  You can install third party software which would keep an eye on updates. If an update comes then there would be an attempt to execute it without seeking your permission. If it is not possible to automatically update, the user would be pinged and inform regarding the upgrade along with a download link.

Few Important Gmail Tips

Gmail has undergone several changes since its inception.  Several users are unaware of Gmail tricks which can help in daily mail usage. Below given certain tips:

Make use of Keyboard Shortcuts

As far as Gmail is concerned learning how to use keyboard shortcuts before moving to advanced options is highly beneficial.  In order to activate these keyboard shortcuts, just click on Settings and mark ‘Keyboard shortcuts on’ radial button.

Import Contacts from Outlook  

It’s good if you can remember email address of all those in the Address book. However it becomes difficult when you would have to deal with several contacts. You would surely not like to type all that again. However if you are shifting to Gmail it is not required too.


Like several other email client and services Gmail supports CSV file format which makes it easy to transfer Outlook contacts to Gmail. In Outlook just click File>Import and Export. Choose ‘Export to a file’ and press next.

Outlook by default assumes that you want to export your mail and scroll down automatically to Inbox. Just scroll up and emphasize Contacts, and thereafter click on Next. Select location to save file and name it. Click Next>Finish and wait whereas it composes the file.

Import the Contacts

Now that you have your CSV file, sign in to Gmail and click on Contacts. You would see some buttons listed above the contact. Click on more and select Import. Now click on Choose file and locate CSV which was saved from Outlook. After the file has been found click on import and allow it to do the rest.

Yahoo Export

The same method should be used for any client or service that allows you to export the contacts to CSV file. If you have Yahoo email account then click on Contacts thereafter on Actions>Export. Select Yahoo CSV radio button and press Export Now.

Remote sign out

After checking your Gmail in a different system if you have forgot to sign out then trouble brews. The person who would next sit on the system can go to your account and read everything. Anyone could even send out mails and create a chaos. You have to just scroll down below the inbox and take down the Details URL. Just next to it you would be informed when the lat account activity takes place and the IP it generates from.

When you click on Details link, a new window would pop up with detailed information about recent activity which occurred on the account, that also includes the IP address, access type, date and time. Here the account can be remotely signed out. Click on ‘Sign out all other sessions’ buttons that would provide lot of relief to the user.

Detect Fake Download Buttons

Are you sure that the program you are looking for is this? You are forced to think that you have found the program so click green “Download” button. Unfortunately you get something unexpected.  If this is so then you are the victim of a trap which is common in Web. These are an advertisement which is reminiscent of the download buttons. How do you avoid them? Below given some tips on how to detect fake download buttons:

These are ads which do not link to anything useful. They would lead to some virus or some useless toolbars. In fact it is the first major step to phishing scam. Why does it exist in the internet? This is because it works. It is not easy to make people click the ads. However deceptive techniques are reliable. Anyone who is part of such a scam can be the victim of identity theft.


This is a boom to anyone who slips ads into the page and if it involves money then the scammers would try their level best to make it. These are a problem and trap naive people. There are instances where the sites cannot find any other advertisers.  There are sites which do not allow these but it does pop up. Sites do not get to approve as to what should and should not be displayed. There are several scammers who are designing such ads and execute methods which would help them pass through the filters easily.  Despite those being reported to Google, it shows up. Google blocks several bad ads monthly and bans companies that are behind them thereby stopping from creation of more ads.

A constant fight is going on against these ads. Google and website owners are trying their best to combat them. Most of the technology blog do not offer Download buttons and instead link to download page of the company. In case you see an oversized button then it is likely to be an ad. In the article you can look for the text link.

Nowadays these adverts come in limited size. You would get to see the traditional banner as well as the square commercial you see in the sidebars. In case you see a download button shaped like an ad so do not click it.

If you see “X”, beside the symbol, you are looking at an ad. It is not a download button for the software about which you are reading. If you click the “X” then it would not show anymore.

There are downloads which point you directly towards the file you are looking for. If the mouse is hovered over the link you should see the filename which would be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

If you get to see “”, don’t click the button.

If you see that the filename you see is not what you want then do not click the link.

Windows program when downloaded look like.EXE or .ZIP files and should be given name after the program which is being downloaded. The music as well as video files are never.EXE files.  After clicking the button if you see that something unrelated is being downloaded then withdraw.

If you downloaded the file but suspicious about its authenticity then use the anti malware program to just execute a scan prior to opening. You can defend yourself if you are alert. This guide would surely help you in spotting the fake buttons.