Get PC Security and Maintenance Services for the best Technicians

Nowadays people spend much less time on their own computers when it comes to recreation. Due to this trend, many people do not know common tasks such as disc partitioning. It also does not matter if the person or owner of the computer uses the computer almost all the day while doing office work or gaming; not many of us are conversant with the highly technical features of a computer. This is why people require the services of a professional agency. Quantum PC Support is a well known company which is based in USA. It has one of the widest numbers of services and products in the market. This does not mean that the quality of the work of the company is spread out as well, but rather that the company excels in each of them.

periferal support

The company prides itself in having one of the most experienced Peripheral Support work groups in the industry, who are able to excel in any projects given to them. The customer care experience provided by the company is exceptional. Unlike in many companies in which the technicians are not patient and tell customers to call later even during emergencies, the Data Recovery Support technicians of the company are known for the time they give to the customers. They are trained to stay on the phone for hours while the customer is guided towards repairing their PC.

The company also prides itself on having one of the widest collection or range of services and products. The products include an anti virus, a PC speed optimization system and online file storage service. All of these are high end products and services and therefore are very much in demand.

There are many reasons for availing the services of the company, the foremost of which is that it offers one of the most flexible packages in the industry.

Why should you avail the services of Quantum PC Support

Quantum PC Support is one of the premiere companies on the internet offering a complete list of solutions for your computer. You should know that viruses and other malware are not the only problems which can affect your computer system adversely. Although online threats make up a large percentage of the causal factors, your system itself may develop problems on its own. For instance your machine may have slowed down in performance due to ageing; some of its software are not working optimally or working at all etc. You may also require support for your faulty networks, for file management and for general PC repairing. Your computer is understandably one of your most prized possessions because it connects you to the world and allows you to do all your work. Therefore, it is very important to get the services of a high quality company whose work or services are capable of giving you a complete peace of mind.

Quantum PC Support is one such company. It has numerous services listed under many categories. The categories include PC repair and maintenance, services for the removal of harmful or malicious software and programs, general computer protection services and products, support for the computer operating system, assistance in regards to various software and applications, Email Support, networking support, support for file management, data protection support solutions and peripheral devices support. Currently the PC Maintenance & Repair company has thousands of customers spanning many countries. For all of them, the services have not only proved to be relevant but also superior to other services and products. A large part of the reason for the success of this company is due to the customer services and research. The research wing is a strength due to which you can find many solutions here which are more effective than the ones of other companies.

The personnel here are especially trained to be understanding and polite towards the customers. Performances of the employees are not based on the number of sales, but on the quality of service and on customer service.

Why Hard Drive showing Wrong Capacity in Windows?

If you have purchased a PC with a hard disk capacity of 500 GB and opened Windows Explorer and found that it is 440 GB. You would be wondering where rest of the gigabytes went. This can be attributed to several reasons like wrong amount of space, ranging from invisible shadow files, hidden recovery partitions, overhead formatting to deceptive storage capacities.

As far as hard drives, USB flash drives and other storage devices are concerned you might have noticed that they have less space after formatting. The hard drive manufacturers advertise devices against the way Windows computers uses them. One KB is 1000 bytes, one MB is 1000 and one GB is 1000 MB as per hard disk manufacturers are concerned.

RAM manufacturers do not sell in even groups of 1000 as they use groups of 1024. When memory is purchased an MB is 1024 KB, a KB is 1024 bytes and a GB is 1024 MB. Windows has calculated hard drives as powers of 1024 and manufacturers of hard drive use powers of 1000.

Hard drive_capacity

So there is a difference of about 35 GB against what the average buyer is led to believe it contains. If hard disks be advertised as per space they contained when connected them to Windows computer, 1 TB hard drive would be labeled as 931 GB hard drive. Windows could update User Interface to use proper definition of gigabyte.

Right-click your C: drive in Windows, one gets to see a certain amount of space as “Used Space”. If all the files on C: drive are selected, right-click them and choose Properties. The amount of space used is not equal to the amount of used space on your hard drive. There are certain type of files which do not appear in Windows explorer. The files which car called “shadow storage,” or “shadow copies,” do not appear here. Shadow storage contains System Restore points.

If you want to see the exact amount of storage used by shadow files on every hard drive attached to the system, run the command below. You would have to run it as an Administrator. Open a command prompt window as Administrator, look for Command Prompt in Start menu, right-click Command Prompt shortcut and choose Run as administrator.

Desktop and laptops have several partitions which includes a hidden recovery partition. A separate recovery partition does occupy some space in the new computer. You can use the Disk Management application included with Windows in order to check partition. Click Start, type partitions and choose the Create and format hard disk partitions shortcut in order to open it. In the disk management window hard drive should give its correct size.

How to stop Facebook from selling browsing data?

Facebook is not good at keeping user data confidential. It is believed that they sell browser data to advertisers. However the social networking giant does have a user friendly tag and says that it gives more control to users over the ads which they see. In fact it says “We never share information that personally identifies you, like your name and contact info, unless you give us permission”

This is an opt-out feature and this has to be done on a different site, not on Facebook itself. Could they be more difficult?


One cool feature that has come along with the changes is that you can click on the top-right of any advert and tell them that it’s not relevant to you, or ask why you are seeing the advert. You can also, from there, tell Facebook more about what sorts of adverts you’d prefer to see. The thing is that the number of advertisements would not change. Basically more relevant adverts would be shown to you.

Opt-Out of Sharing

In order to avoid sharing the browsing data in the web browser, go to the digital advertising alliance opt out. You would have to disable ad-blocker in order to use it. Go to “Companies Customizing Ads for Your Browser” and then choose Facebook from list. You can add other companies and click “Submit” when done.

However nothing would stop Facebook from collecting information in the first place. They would not share it with advertisers. One can opt out on the mobile devices by using tools that iOS and Android provide. For iOS go to General > Restrictions > Advertising and toggle the switch under Privacy for “Limit Ad Tracking”. Go to Google Settings > Ads > Opt Out of Interest-Based Ads for Android.