What is the function of a firewall?

It is commonly known that Firewall is an imperative protection provided to PCs. This application is between the system and other network which controls the outgoing and incoming network traffic. It would depend on the rules of firewall as to which traffic is allowed and which is not.

Most people use routers at home in order to share internet connection between several devices. A system that is connected directly to the internet would have a public IP. So any netizen can reach it. Any network services that are running on the computer like that which comes with Windows for printer sharing and file, remote desktop would be accessible by the netizen.

Microsoft had introduced Firewall in Windows XP Service Pack 2, and it finally enabled a by default firewall in Windows. A firewall would obviously drop all incoming connections unless it has been specifically configured to allow incoming connections.

This would not allow people on the Internet from connecting to local network services on your system. It even controls access to the network services from other computers on local network. This is why user is asked as to what type of network it is when connected to Windows. If connected to home network the firewall provides access to these services. If it is connected to public network, the access would be denied by the firewall.

function of firewall

In case a network service is configured that no net connection would be allowed, there is a possibility that the services has security lapse and customized request would allow the attacker to run some code on the system. This would be prevented by the firewall thereby preventing the incoming connections from reaching these susceptible services.

Firewalls sit between a network say the Internet and the computer but it is protecting. Its main purpose for home users is blocking unnecessary incoming network traffic. It can also analyze the traffic that leaves or reaches the network as well as decides what can be done with it. Say for instance, a firewall could b configured in order to block some types of outgoing or suspicious traffic or even all transfer.

A firewall does have certain rules which denies as well as allows certain types of traffic. Say for instance it could allow connections to the server from specific IP address thereby dropping all link requests from somewhere else for safety.

Firewalls run in the laptop. It can also be a out-and-out hardware used for a corporate network. Corporate firewalls could examine outgoing traffic thereby ensuring that no malware was communicating through the network or observe employee’s network use as well as filter traffic. One can configure a firewall to only allow web browsing traffic and other applications.

How to avoid impulsive online shopping

In today’s age of technology, shopping has also been made convenient with internet ruling our lives. Life has become fats these days with people having less time for several miscellaneous activities. Online shopping has been a recent trend and is the industry that is catching up. It is something that is very much suitable for today’s life but not very good for your bank account. Marketers are using all techniques Retailers to get users buying their products irrespective of you needing it or not.

Avoid impulsive online shopping online. It is hard but not impossible. It is that we do not think while buying. Despite saving energy we tend to take some bad decisions.

avoid online shopping

Customers usually fall for several tag lines like “Hurry 2more days to go for off season sale” and so much more. It is these that customers get to see always. They fall for this despite knowing that sales always come up. It has been instilled into our brains that sale should be taken advantage of incase if it does not come up again.

People are normally motivated by a lost than a gain. This is what retailers take advantage of. Say for instance, there are online retailers who offer a free trial period. The customer is induced to think whether they give back the item and get nothing or order one to gain something. Most of the users choose the latter option. The customer is actually not losing anything but made to feel so. This is a behavioral psychology which is cashed upon.

Normally if you are provided something by someone you are highly obliged and consciously or sub- consciously give in return something. A common example is that of customers being provided free sample of a product. After using free sample customers would buy the product.

Online when you would sign up for free newsletter, user gets free content. One would feel like to provide something in return to content provider. Human beings are usually consistent as far as achieving a goal is concerned. When a user searches for a product the first thing that they notice other than the picture is the user ratings.

As human beings do pay heed to what others say especially while making important decisions. As per a research several people also take help of social media prior to taking a decision. User is more likely to use the services of a website that has testimonials than the one which does not have. This is what sellers take advantage of.

Always make a close notice to pricing. If you get a good deal think about why are you getting it? Thereafter think minutely about the purchase made online. Do ask some questions to yourself.

Want to make Windows 7 look like XP?

Many PC users are unable to forget XP and still consider it as the best of all. If you want something similar then use Windows 7 and it looks identical to Windows XP with couple of modifications. Luna theme is what most users are familiar with as it includes blue taskbar and a background of grassy hills.

This theme is not included in Windows 7 though but you can use it from DeviantART, where a user has put a re-creation. However the.zip file cannot be used so keep it aside.

Download Universal Theme Patcher

Now you have Luna theme, but Windows 7 does not support by default third-party themes. In order to use it you would require another program called Universal Theme patcher. Take it from TCP-z, Theme Bin and few other websites. There are websites which install adware next to it, so click carefully.

Opening UTP zip file, which has two executables. One would have x86 and the other x64 in the file name. The x86 is meant for 32-bit Windows installations, while x64 is applicable 64-bit installations. Install the one apt for your PC. A window opens which tells you the version of Windows that you are using and the number of files which need to be patched. In order to continue Click Yes.

You would get to see an interface with three sections. Each of them would list a file that must be patched. Click patch button and Restart the PC.

Install Theme Files

Now get to see Luna theme .zip which you can download and open. Now open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes. Copy files from zip folder’s themes folder into \Themes directory. Just right click empty space on the desktop and open Personalize. A window that opens you get to see an Installed Themes category, which include Luna Aero and Luna. Choose Luna for that XP look.


Taskbar adjustments

You need to make few changes to the taskbar. Just right click taskbar, click Properties, change following options in the window which opens. Make use of small icons.

You can apply those changes as well as close the window. You would now get to see a taskbar which is similar to Windows XP. Some of the icons may remain as they have been pinned, but they can be removed by right-clicking icon and then hitting ‘Unpin this program from taskbar’.

Download and Install Classic Shell

You would have to move beyond the default options. To finish up the changes, you’ll once again have to move beyond the default options. Fortunately there’s a program called Classic Shell that can change core interface features. Go to Classic Shell website, download and then install it. This is not tough.

Change the Menu Style to Luna

Open Classic Shell Menu Settings application. You would see Start menu style tab chosen. You can start by choosing the classic with option of two columns.

Go to Skin tab. Click drop-down option and selection Windows XP Luna. As you choose it the skin automatically applies it. You can choose other options like turning user name off or on.

Change in Start Button

Here you might notice that Windows 7 start button remains and Classic Shell do not offer a mirror image of XP. Just check out the Classic Shell Forums and download the XP-style start buttons provided by the community. Just save the image to a familiar location.

Just open Start Button tab in Classic Shell Menu Settings application, click Custom radio button option, and then click […] which is next to Button image. Navigate to where you have saved XP-style Start image and choose it.

Change Windows Explorer look

You’re almost done. Open the Classic Explorer Settings utility (it’s in the same folder as Classic Shell Menu Settings). In the resulting window you’ll see the Windows XP Classic option at the top. Select that.

You can hit Show all settings checkbox. This would show several tabs and one of them is Toolbar Settings. Just open it and uncheck the Big buttons box. Just click OK in order to exit it. Close Windows Explorer and re-open it to see the changes.

Now you must have ended with something which is similar to Windows XP. The start menu, taskbar and Explorer should be stable.

Manage free fonts in windows

Fonts have the power to change the mood as well as the look of graphical element like new font set. Be it web designs or newsletters or resumes and beautiful Windows themes, everything would be useless if paired with ugly looking fonts. Digital visuals are built on these fonts. However Windows does not have a font manager. There are several third-party programs which can help you.

Why Use A Font Manager?

Font manager comes handy for several reasons if you use fonts regularly. Say for instance graphic artists, video editors and web designers spend time in installing and creating new fonts thereby spending more time in removing the ones they do not require as Windows do not play well with fonts.


It is not easy to manage them on Windows as they are hidden in deeper section of system controls. At times they become heavy on system resources and slow down the performance as at boot time Windows loads all font information.

Installing the fonts easily with intuitive interfaces. Protect the fonts against it being deleted accidentally. You would obviously not like to lose expensive fonts. The font would be organized depending on the font manager. You can also store them in several directories to maintain order veneer.

Fonts are dynamically loaded in order to reduce usage of system resources. This also depends on font manager, but some allow loading as well as unloading fonts instead of loading them into memory at start up.

If you want to install a font in Windows, just move or copy target font files into C:\Windows\Fonts folder. There is a shortcut where you would have to right click on font files and choose Install to let the operating system handle it for you. You can just go through Font folder as well as delete files manually.

Font Frenzy is a program which has several useful tools that comes with four useful tools. FrenzyMan helps to add as well as install one or several files. Defrenzy deletes all the font except the ones that are shipped with the system. FrenzySnap would help to take a backup of the Font folder and Refrenzy restores the fonts that were backed up by FrenzySnap.

You can download free fonts and manage them in Windows. AMP viewer offers several installed and no-installed fonts. The fonts can be installed temporarily in case you want to test them or it is needed for some time.

Nexus Font is a program which instead of installing fonts to the system; it can be installed into Nexus Font itself. All the font loads are loaded into the program that is available to the system. As the nexus one would be closed, fonts become unavailable. This saves memory and space.

Suitcase Fusion is expensive but it’s worth it. This powerful font manager is more than an organizational aid. In-built QuickComp feature allows mixing as well as match several font combinations for experimentation. Fontspiration is an amazing feature which helps to locate new as well as interesting fonts to enhance creativity. Again font can be enabled and disabled to save system resources.

Font management is not useful if there are no fonts to manage. There are two free font repositories which are worthy of appreciation. It is not possible to discuss free fonts without the mention of Google Web fonts. For good introduction check the post on why you should use Google Web Font. Google has several free fonts which anyone can use. FontSquirrel is a curated database of high-quality fonts that are free for both commercial and personal use. The site is instinctive, clean as well as categorized in such a way that it is easy to browse.