No Shutdown Button in Desktop! Add to Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 has a handy feature in order to shut down the PC conveniently. This is called slide to shutdown and is hidden. How you can use slide to shutdown in Windows 8.1. would be given in steps:

Navigate to C:\Windows\System32 folder. Just scroll down until you find SlidetoShutdown.exe. You can double click it in order to bring up the shutdown screen.


Just create a shortcut to the executable file. Now you right click on Slidetoshutdown.exe and choose Send to-Desktop create shortcut.

You navigate to the desktop and right click on the shortcut which you have created. Choose properties. You can configure a keyboard shortcut in order to SlidetoShutdown.exe. For quick access you can drag the shortcut to the Taskbar.

Click on shortcut which you have created or use the keyboard shortcut if it has been configured. You would experience a grand new way of shutting down the PC. Now you pull down the screen and shutdown process would start.